2009: Creation Museum

2009: Creation Museum

2009: Creation Museum

On the way back from Thanksgiving in Kentucky we stopped by the Creation Museum.  I had heard about it and though that it would be interesting to visit – and it was.  I will say that I don’t know that it aligns with my theology or science philosophy, but it is a museum that is very well designed and interesting.

This is another page that shows that it was early in my scrapbooking career – I don’t think that I would create one like this again – but I did do somethings that I think show early signs of my style.

The the left page I chose green leaf paper – to match the colors on the museum ticket and the professional photo taken at the location.  I chose to round the corners on the ticket and all of the photos so that the pages would not seem so stiff.  I used a corner punch to do this.

The right hand paper has a wood plank background paper to highlight the boards in the recreation “Ark” that my son is climbing on in the top right hand picture.  The Dinosaur eye in the middle of this page is from the cover of the folder that the professional photo came in from the museum.

One of my favorite photos is the bottom right one – it is my son look perplexed at Adam and Eve in the water.  He usually gets way ahead of me in museums, which was true here as well, and he came back to find me and he told me that there was something “very inappropriate” in the next room.  When he took me to see this I had a good laugh and we created this photo for that memory!

This is the last page of our 2009 Scrapbook albums!

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