50th Anniversary: Biltmore - Chihuly

50th Anniversary: Biltmore – Chihuly

50th Anniversary: Biltmore - Chihuly
While my parents were at the Bilmore, the Biltmore was hosting a Chihuly exhibition.  To find out more about this amazing artist view his website at Chihuly.com.  Fortunately, the pictures on this page turned out well enough for me to use – I think it may have been because the light outside was better for my parents cell phone cameras.

I chose a black, grey, and white background paper for this spread – as I did not want it to compete with the amazing colors of the Chihuly glass pieces.  But I also picked one with a busy pattern to reflect the curves and shapes of the artwork.  I chose a grey border for the photos and the brochure to create a barrier between the busy background paper.  The brochure is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened and viewed.  To add to the whimsy of the page I chose a fun owl brad to center the pictures on the right hand page.

You will notice that there is a grey box with nothing in it on the top of the left hand page.  While I do not like to journal in my scrapbooks, I know that my mother does – so many of these pages I left space for journaling to occur.  When she came to visit me at Thanksgiving I helped to cut out papers for her to write on so that she could record her memories, and then I added them on top of these blocks.

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