50th Anniversary: Biltmore - Ephemera

50th Anniversary: Biltmore – Ephemera

50th Anniversary: Biltmore - EphemeraFor the second spread of the Biltmore trip I did something unique because of something that happened on the trip.  For some reason my parents phone cameras did not work very well, and very few of their pictures turned out.  Fortunately my mother purchased a set of postcards at the museum shop, and we decided to incorporate those into the album.  I rarely used postcards because I prefer using the pictures that we have taken ourselves.

So – the second page actually is the ephmera page for this trip – which shares the brochures and the postcards from the visit.  The black Biltmore pocket is actually a cut down paper bag from the gift shop that is holding the brochures so that they can be removed to be viewed.  Notice that there are butterflies on this page – they are part of the theme for this album and you will see them several times.

The postcards that my mother purchased came in a thick folder which can be see on the right hand page.  I put one of the postcards on the page, but the others are free floating within the folder.

50th Anniversary: Biltmore - Ephemera - postcards To the right you can see what the postcard folder looks like when it is open.  All of the postcards can be taken out to be viewed.  I was able to attach the folder so that it could open through the plastic page protector – to learn how to do this click HERE.

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