2017: Senior Album - Title Page

2017: Senior Album – Title Page

2017: Senior Album - Title PageDuring my son’s senior year he informed me that he wanted his senior pictures to be in jeans and a flannel shirt, and that we wanted to highlight football, his truck, his gun, and his tattoos.  I played along and was very pleased with the way that the pictures turned out.  I asked a friend of mine – Ryan Dodson – if he would be willing to take the photos and he was incredible.  Ryan is currently a professional photographer in California.

I was able to find a denim covered album at Hobby Lobby, and decided to make the entire theme of my son’s senior album based on denim.  Over the next 9 days I was share the spreads that I made with the photos from this shoot.  Each one of them is on denim paper that I purchased at Joann Fabrics.  It is not a photo of denim, it is actually a very thin layer of denim that is attached to the paper, so it looks and feels like real denim.

This is the title page for the album and so I decided to use an 8×10 photo that was my favorite one for this opening page.  I love the color of his eyes, and the great smile that he has in this photo.  I used my Cricut Machine to cut his name out of the denim paper and very carefully used a glue pen to attach it to the background paper (also denim).

I used brads to attach the photo to the dark blue denim border as adhesive tabs would not hold on the denim paper.   I then finished the spread by using my sewing machine and white thread to attach the dark blue border and photo to the page.

Ryan A. Dodson – Photographer

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