2017: Senior Album – Letter Jacket

2017: Senior Album – Letter Jacket

2017: Senior Album – Letter JacketThe second page in my son’s senior album is focused on pictures with his letter jacket.    For some reason we ended up with a second set of letter jacket graduation year numbers, so I saved them for this album and they ended up on this page.  I affixed them to the page using glue so that they would stick to the denim fabric paper.

I also had been saving old pairs of jeans for this project, and so a pocket and a tag from an old pair of jeans made it onto the page as well.  These were also affixed to the page with glue.  My original hope was to sew them onto the page, but my sewing machine was not strong enough to make it through the denim.

I did however use my sewing machine to attached all of the pictures and their borders to the page.  I first used adhesive tabs to help keep the pictures and borders from moving, but since they are not strong enough to hold the pictures long term, I used the sewing machine to stitch them to the page.

Ryan A. Dodson – Photographer

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