2017: Fall 2017 Title Page

2017: Fall 2017 Title Page

2017: Fall 2017 Title Page

2017 was a year of adventures for us.  It was the end of my son’s senior year, which of course meant graduation.  We took a Spring Break Trip to Orlando to go to Universal Studios.  In the summer he worked at a camp, and I took a road trip through the Musical South, and a trip to Germany for our exchange student’s graduation.  In the Fall we took a graduation celebration trip to Cancun.  I made a separate album for each one of these things, and had been using the school year as the my time frame for albums.  Now that he is out of school I am changing the time frame to match the calendar year, and so therefore I made a small album to celebrate our mini adventures during Fall 2017.

This album only has 9 spreads to finish out the year, and I will share those with you over the next few days.  For today though, I am sharing the title page for this album.  I chose a brown theme to match the album cover.  I cut the titles using my new Cricut Explore Air 2 and selected “Year of Adventures” to remind myself that there were many other things that happened during this year, even though this is a small album.  I used my printer to create the words on the left hand side – all of which were memories from adventures that occurred during that year.

Other Albums for 2017:


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