2017: TopGolf

2017: Topgolf

2017: TopGolf
For a family outing one day we went to Topgolf.  Topgolf is a driving range that is like a bowling alley.  The system tracks your ball as you hit it and there are all kinds of games that you can play against your friends.  They also serve some amazing food.

I chose a blue theme for this spread to match the colors of the Topgolf logo.  I managed to get quite a bit of fun ephemera on this page: There are the sticks that were used to hold our sandwiches together.  The coasters for our drinks, the brochure for the location (which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to view), and my favorite – the tan border pieces are actually from the paper which was used to bring us french fries in!  I was able to salvage some of it that was not greasy – and then cut it down to fit on this page as part of the spread border.

I bordered all of the photographs in black to help them stand out against the background paper, and they matched the black of some of the ephemera.

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