2018: Indiana Road Trip: Title Page

2018: Indiana Road Trip: Title Page

2018: Indiana Road Trip: Title Page
During March of 2018 our Career Development Center organized a road trip through Indiana to help students see local industries and make connections and networks for future jobs. I went along with my son on parts of the trip and this spread is the Title page for that trip.  The left hand page was a pre-printed page that I picked up at a scrapbook store on the trip in Nashville, IN, which you will see in a few days.  I used a red marker to show the route of the trip, and the numbers show the order of the nights of the places that we stayed.  We backtracked quite a bit so it might look a little confusing, but I know what it means 🙂 !

The right hand page was fun to create.  It also is a pre-printed page, but I carefully cut it so that I could I could create a pocket to hold the schedule for the trip (How to create Pockets), which allows the schedule to be removed to be read.  Notice that I carefully cut out the shape of Indiana on the page, which allowed me to slip the map of Indiana in front of the outline.  The map is not attached to the page, but sits tightly inside the plastic page protector so that it can be removed to be viewed.


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