2018: Indiana Road Trip - Eli Lilly and Company

2018: Indiana Road Trip: Eli Lilly and Company

2018: Indiana Road Trip - Eli Lilly and Company
The first stop of the trip was to visit the Eli Lilly and Company headquarters in Indianapolis.  This was an incredible experience as we were able to see the historical museum and some of the headquarters building.  Obviously it is a huge complex, with many proprietary secrets, and so we didn’t see any manufacturing areas.  A highlight though was that we were able to go to the top of the building and stand on the balcony and see the great view of downtown Indianapolis.  It was a rainy and windy day, so my pictures from up there weren’t that great and I decided not to put them on this spread.

I chose a red and light gray theme for this page – to highlight the red Lilly logo and to match the jacket that my son was wearing in the pictures.  On the right hand side I made a pocket to hold some of the ephemera that we received on the trip (How to make pockets).  Notice that I made a curve in it as this helps to keep it stronger.  I wanted to create enough space on the right hand side for our visitor badges and for the business card of one of our tour guides.  I like that the badges have the date of visit on them as this helps to situate the event in time without me having to do any journaling.  I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the red Lilly logo to place on the bottom of the pocket.

I carried the grey pocket over to the left hand page to help tie the two pages together.  Notice that I created a thin black outline around the photographs to create the illusion of a border.  All of these pictures were taken in the Lobby and the historical collection at the front of the building.


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