2010: Indianapolis Monument Circle - Christmas

2010: Indianapolis Monument Circle – Christmas

2010: Indianapolis Monument Circle - Christmas

Our friend Stephanie, from San Diego days, came to visit us after Christmas 2009. If I remember correctly she was on her way back from spending time in Scotland with her family. After we picked her up from the airport in Indianapolis we stopped by the Indianapolis Monument Circle so that she could see the lights on the Monument. Indy Hoosiers like to call this the world’s tallest Christmas Tree – but I have issue with that since it is just lights connected to the top of the monument. I will share though that I think that it looks really cool!

I chose Holly and Pine photographic background paper to hint at the location being about a “tree” and then cut out several Christmas Trees using my Crictut Machine. I chose a green and red plain/tartan for these as a nod to Stephanie’s recent trip to Scotland. I did something that is unusual for my style – which is to create a journaling block within one of the Christmas Tree cutouts, and I wrote on it following the outline – which is really hard to read and I probably would not do that again.

I placed each set of photographs in a pinwheel layout and then trimmed just one corner of each photograph with a round corner cutter.

Now that I am a more experienced scrapbooker here are somethings that I would do differently with this spread to help it look better:

  • I would use a thin dark green solid border around all of the pictures to help them stand out against the busy background.
  • I would have put the same color as a border strip behind the Christmas tree cutouts on the right hand side – it would have helped those to stand out as well.
  • If I did include a journaling block I would have written on it in a traditional way so that it would be easier for the viewer to read.

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