2010: Upward Basketball

2010: Upward Basketball

2010: Upward Basketball2010: Upward Basketball Open

When my son was 12 I enrolled him a local Upward Sports program. This allowed him to engage in his love of sport, but did not demand a ton of time every week as I wanted to maintain family time during this stage of our lives. It meant one hour practice per week, and then a game on a second night. It was a good way for our family to enter the foray into sports.

One of the fun things about Upward Sports is that the uniforms are reversible – so the blue and orange outfits you see in these pictures are actually the same outfit.

For the left hand page I used a textured basketball paper and then used a circle cutter to cut out the pictures. In hindsight I should have cut all of the shapes as circles and I should have then bordered them in a solid orange border to help them stand out a little more on the page. I also used a Jolee’s basketball pack, and attached a picture of my son’s orange shirt to it.

For the right hand page, I attached a basketball paper to the outside of the Official Team Photo sleeve and then mounted the Team Photo sleeve in a way that allows the viewer to open it up to read. If you slide the bar on the photo above you can see it both opened and closed. A have a tutorial on how to create this opening HERE.

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