2010: Indianapolis Museum of Art

2010: Indianapolis Museum of Art

In 2010 a good friend of ours came to visit for a weekend and I knew that he would enjoy the Indianapolis Museum of Art (now known as Newfields). I wasn’t sure if my 11 year old son would like it – but we went anyway and everyone had a great time.

2010: Indianapolis Museum of Art

For this spread I chose two different background papers – one to represent traditional art forms, and one to represent the modern art forms. I did not put borders on the pictures – which I would probably do now if I was creating this today. On the left hand page I put in 3 metal brads to tie the metal from the right hand page together.

I also used the transparent bag from the gift shop and cut it to put behind the pictures on both pages . I attached them to the pages behind where the pictures are so that you can’t see the adhesive tabs through the transparent material. In hindsight on this ephemera I would have cut it to be square rather than trying to round it which I was not able to accomplish accurately.

I also attached the map to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be open to be viewed by the reader.

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