2010: World of Coca-Cola and CNN Studio Tour

2010: World of Coca-Cola and CNN Studio Tour

During the summer of 2010 I attended a conference in Atlanta, GA. After the conference was over I had an afternoon to explore the city and I had heard about the World of Coca-Cola – a museum and interactive experience about the history of the famous Cola. My favorite part of the experience is the tasting room where you can try all of the current flavors of soda that Coca-Cola sells around the world! I tried every single one of them and then promptly had a sugar rush headache and had to lay down on the grass outside the museum. Hint: Do not try “Beverly” – it is disgusting!

I realized that the CNN Headquarters were across the street from the museum and discovered that they have a Studio Tour and was lucky enough to get in on the last tour for the day.

2010: World of Coca-Cola

For this spread I used red background paper as it is the corporate color of both Coca-Cola and CNN. The Coca-Cola page is on the left and the CNN on the right.

The left hand background paper is from a Christmas paper stack to hint at the Coca-Cola bear whom you can see in a picture with me, and on a postcard that I purchased at the gift store. Also included on the page are my ticket, the museum map, and a pair of 3D glasses from the 3D theatre. I cut these glasses so that they could spread out onto the adjoining right page to help tie the two pages into one cohesive spread.

The right hand page showcases the ephemera that I collected on the tour. Since we were not allowed to take pictures on the tour, I had to use the official tour photo and ephemera to remember the experience. Ephemera displayed on the page are the ticket, a postcard, and the card that was handed to me to pick up my official photo.

Part of what is exciting is that I was able to tour both of these facilities again in 2019 along with my mother and my son, and I have created new pages for that experience that I will share sometime in the near future! Needless to say that I did a better job with the new versions.

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