2010: Children's Museum of Indianapolis

2010: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

During a weekend in September 2010 a good friend of our family came to visit. Our activity for that weekend was to go to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – which in my opinion is one of the best children’s museums in the country. It is great for families and has activities for kids of all ages – and parents will love it too.

2010: Children's Museum of Indianapolis

I chose blue background papers for this spread to compliment the color of the brochure that is on the spread. The brochure is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view it. The background paper with the swirls is a handmade dimensional paper that looks cool – but is pretty difficult to work with. I cut out the center square to create a top border for the photos on the right hand page (ie. the pictures are under the frame), and then used the cutout as an accent piece on the left hand page. This 3D paper made it difficult to get items to adhere to it – so I had to used raised adhesive tabs to get it to work – but I do like the way that it turned out, even though you can tell that this was early in my scrapbooking experience.

The left hand page also has a spider that we picked up as a prize at the museum (I can’t remember for what), a patch from the gift store, one of our tickets to the planetarium and a card promoting the Egypt exhibit. At the age that my son was at I let him take the lead on what he wanted to see – which meant that we were running back and forth between exhibit areas – exhausting my friend and myself.

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