2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 1

2011: Spring Break – Ronald Reagan Museum

2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 1

During our 2011 Spring Break trip we went up to Los Angeles to spend some time with my Aunt and see some sites in that area. One of the exciting places that we visited was the Ronald Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, CA. Our family has on our bucket list to try and visit as many Presidential Museums as possible. I will share that the Ronald Reagan Museum is one of the best ones that we have visited. The next few posts will share pages made from this day visit.

This spread is the opening spread for the series. I used my Cricut Machine to cut the gold frames which I designed using Cricut Design Studio. You will notice that many of the recent posts show examples of this bordering. I have not used this technique a lot lately because my tastes have changed. I found that some of the borders were difficult to read – as you can see in this example, the Rs could easily be confused with Bs.

The left hand page has the Reagan Presidential Seal that was on the plastic bag that I received from the museum gift store. I carefully cut it out using a pair of sharp-point scissors. The right hand page has the official picture from the museum. They have an older Air Force One plane inside of the museum that you can tour. I liked using this picture on the first page as it includes the location and date of our visit! It is hard to believe that that was over 10 years ago!

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