2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 2

2011: Spring Break – Ronald Reagan Museum – Page 2

2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 2

This is the second page of our visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum during 2011 Spring Break.

For the background paper I chose blue colors to match the colors of the museum and the brochures. The right hand page has a pre-printed design, and the left hand page is a solid blue. I used a scrap of another designed paper to create the border on the left hand side to tie the two pages together.

The left hand page has ephemera from the visit including the museum brochure and map, an entrance ticket (which shows the date of the visit), another presidential seal cut from a gift shop bad, and a picture of a cell phone cut out from a brochure. The museum brochure is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open it to read it.

The right hand page has 4 pictures from the visit. I used a corner cutter to cut the 4 corners of the photo layout to help create a softer look to the page. The orange sticker in the middle of the four pictures is the visitor sticker that we had to wear while we were in the museum. TIP: At the end of the visit I took it off my coat and carefully put it back onto the sticker backing which I had saved from the beginning of the visit so that I could save the sticker.

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