2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 4

2011: Spring Break – Ronald Reagan Museum – Page 4

2011: Spring Break - Reagan Library - 4

This is the fourth spread of our visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum during our 2001 Spring Break trip. this spread highlights the presidential limousine and Air Force One, which they have inside the museum!

For the left hand page I chose a photographic background of the front grill of a car to match the limousine theme of the page. I created a black border for the pictures and brochure, and used a silver marker to outline it – this helps to highlight the black and chrome colors of the limousine. I used a corner punch to round the photo and brochure edges, as well as the black border. This helps to highlight the curves of the vehicle.

The right hand page showcases Air Force One. You can see the official picture of us on the steps of the plane on the cover page for this collections of pages. I used a black background paper, and then used my Cricut Machine to cut out the airplane on the background page. I found photographs from the day that had our faces in them, and placed them in the windows of the plane to make the page a little playful. I used a corner punch to round the photographs to match the curves on the vehicles highlighted in this spread.

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