2011: Spring Break - La Jolla Kayak

2011: Spring Break – Kayaking

2011: Spring Break - La Jolla Kayak

During one of the days of our 2011 Spring Break Trip to San Diego we went kayaking with La Jolla Kayak, which was an incredible experience. I made two spreads for this experience, and after the second one below I will share a really fun experience from the trip.

For this first spread I used a beach background paper and a water and bubbles background paper. I used some Jolee’s stickers for embellishments, along with a postcard from La Jolla Kayak. I titled the page by using an oval cutter to cut out a photograph of the La Jolla Kayak business name that I took onsite.

Notice that on the left hand page I lined up the horizon in the pictures with the horizon on the background page – it helps to create a balanced look on the page.

2011: Spring Break - La Jolla Kayak 2

This second spread has pictures of us taken on the water. I had a disposable camera that I took these with. I used a corner cutter on the edges of the pictures to create a softer feel on the page, and used some Jolee’s stickers for embellishments. I also put a postcard with the types of fish in the area on this page to remind my son and I of a funny story that happened on this trip:

There were 18 foot swells on this day – which meant that we could not go into the La Jolla sea caves, which was disappointing. These 18 foot swells meant that our kayaks where rising and falling about 8 to 10 feet every few seconds and I got very seasick. I paddled away from the group as I could tell I was about to throw up – which I did. Soon after that a bunch of fish came to the surface to eat what I had just put in the water. The kayak guide brought everyone over to look at all the fish and commented that he had never seen this many fish near the surface before :). So I guess there was a good outcome to being seasick.

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