2011: Colorado Vacation – Denver Museum of Nature & Science

While I was attending the conference in Denver, I hired a local college student (known and approved by the friends that we were staying with), to take my son to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Because I was not with my son at this experience, I sadly do not have any pictures of this time.

But, my son, knowing that we scrapbook all of our experiences, made sure that he brought me all kinds of ephemera to remember this experience by – so here are two pages full of ephemera!

The left-hand page has a ticket and some “pirate booty coins” from special exhibit at the museum – all of the other items on the page are from sticker packs that I had from other pirate themed events I had scrapbooked earlier. I used pirate background paper for the full spread to help tie the pages together.

The right-hand page has tickets and health feedback forms that he received doing various activities at the Museum.

While this spread may not be very exciting as there are no photographs, it does fit in with my philosophy of scrapbooking – that the ephemera are important on the pages, and do a lot to tell the story.

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