Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

We had a day at sea while we were heading back to New York, and unfortunately the weather got cold and rainy.  My son wanted to hang out with the other teens at their indoor activities so I decided to do a behind the scenes/”Behind the Fun” tour.  While it was pricey to experience this – I think it was around $100 – I was so glad that I did it.  We got to see all of the things going on behind the scenes – the kitchens, the massive refrigerators, behind stage at the performance hall, the front of the ship, the back of the ship, and even up in the control room.

I think that one of my favorite parts was that we got to spend some time with the head Chef from the fancy restaurant on the ship, and he gave us some cooking techniques and tips.  I learned how to grill the perfect steak from him, and I still use that method to this day.  (But I’m not telling 🙂 ).

They took pictures of us at several points and when I got back to my room later that night there was a very nice gift package that included these three pictures, a piece of soap carved to look like a swan from the kitchen staff, and some amazing chocolate covered strawberries.  I took the gift note and put it on the page and it can be flipped up to read my journaling about the experience.  Included in the gift package was a bracelet that I cut so that I could lay it flat on the left hand side of the page.  I also cut the lanyard that held our security passes (you can see us wearing them in the pictures) and used that as a border along the bottom of both pages.

The background papers come from a scrapbooking kit that I purchased while on the cruise.  It was old stock and at a discount, and I will be honest that most of it was not very good, but I used these background papers from that set.  You will notice that I used a grey border around the picture on the left hand page – this was to help it stand out and bring a little more grey to this page to help it blend better with the right hand page.

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