2019: Tampa Vacation – Magic Carpet Glide Segway Tour

While I was at the conference, I had to find somethings for my son to do as so I logged into Groupon.com to see what was available to do (and places to eat) in the area that had some discounts. I found a Groupon for Magic Carpet Glide Segway Tours, and I knew that my son would love to do that. And I was correct! He loved it so much that he ended up going out again that night with one of the guides.

At this stage in our family life, he was old enough to do things on his own in new places and had a camera phone that took good pictures, so he knew to take pictures and collect ephemera that we could use in our scrapbooks. So, while I was learning at the conference, he was zipping around Tampa in the son and having a great time!

I chose a beach vacation themed background paper for this spread, and then selected a purple paper based on some of the colors in the background paper to use for the phot borders, spread border, and the cutout of a Segway rider than I found online and was able to cutout using My Cricut Machine.

When I have just a few pictures I tend to pick busy background papers like this one, if I have more pictures, I tend to choose solid colors. The busyness of this background paper helps to fill in the page that does not have many items on it.

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