2019: Tampa Vacation – The Dali

The Dali – the museum dedicated to artist Salvador Dalí, was a block away from the hotel that we were staying at. With it being that close I thought it would be an experience we should not miss. While the tickets are fairly pricey, currently $29 for adults, I do think that it is worth the experience. The museum is very engaging and interactive.

I took a lot of pictures and had a hard time picking just a few for a double spread – so I ended up using a Panoramic Page Protector set and making 6 full pages. The two that you see above are the first ones you see, and they open up to reveal a 4-page series which can be seen below.

I chose a black background for the whole series as the museum was dark in many places, several of Dali’s paintings are fairly dark, and he has a recognizable black mustache! The left-hand page has the logo from the museum in gray. I found the logo online and was able to use my Cricut Machine to cut it out.

On the right-hand page I used a postcard of a huge Dali masterpiece and a quote that came from a museum brochure, to help create an expectation of what would be seen when you open the panoramic pages as see this:

You may want to click on the image to get a full-size version to see it in more detail.

Working from left to right the pages are:

  • The Architecture of the Museum: which has a unique design that Dali would approve of. The top left is a postcard of the museum, and the other photos are ones that I took in the main atrium.
  • The Dali Collection: The museum map which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened. The top photograph is one that I took myself, and the bottom one is a postcard that I cut down a bit to fit within the design. It is a cool painting in that it is hard to see what it is up close, but if you go to the far end of the hall, you can easily make out who it is. If you are struggling, squint your eyes and you should be able to see it.
  • Dali Virtual Reality Experience: The brochure which explains what the event is on the page, as well as some photographs of the screens showing what the participants are seeing in 3D. At the bottom of the page is the museum wristband.
  • Magritte & Dali Exhibit: At the time there was an interactive Rene Magritte exhibition. The brochure explains this page along with three photographs which I of us at the interactive exhibit.

I purposefully kept the full set of pages simple with little extra ornamentation, as I wanted the viewer to fully engage the experience of the art.

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