2019: Summer at Camp Grace

I shared earlier that my son was spending the summer of 2019 working at Camp Grace. This is the page that records the memories of that time. At the end of the summer, he sent me a bunch of pictures that he and others had taken. There were a lot of them, and I knew that he would want to keep those memories – but I did not want to make a bunch of pages that just had pictures on them.

So instead, I used a set of Flip Pockets. These allow you to put multiple pictures onto one page and the viewer can flip them up to look at pictures on both sides. I chose to attach the Flip Pockets to the outside of the plastic page protectors to make it easier for the viewer to look through them. The picture above is of the flip pockets all laying down on the spread, and below you can see what it looks like when the flip pockets have been moved.

My son helped to run the adventure part of the camp, and so I chose a Zip Line background paper. The Camp Grace logos are stickers that my son gave me at the end of the summer, and so those made it onto the page to create context for the location of these pictures.

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