Europe Vacation: Vatican City

Europe Vacation: Vatican City

Europe Vacation: Vatican City

While we were in Italy we had opportunity to stop by Vatican City, the headquarters of the Catholic Church and the home of the Pope.  The pope was performing Mass that day, but unfortunately, due to a transit strike in Italy we were late and missed him by about 4 minutes :(.  These pages show several views of St Peter‘s Square which is the front porch to the Vatican.  In order to add some elegance to these pages I framed each photograph and a postcard (can you tell which one it is?).  I used a corner cutter to create the fancy corners and was able to use those to hold the pictures in place.  I also used a corner cutter to add detail to the journaling block.  As I look back on this early page there are now things that I would do differently.  I would not use a sticker to title the page as I feel this cheapens the look.  I would probably cut the title using my Cricut machine.

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