2019: Henry Ford – Restaurants

While at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation we were fortunate enough to enjoy eating at Lamy’s Diner. They have an authentic 1940’s menu (but unfortunately not the 1940’s prices 🙂 ). This part of the museum has the diner along with original McDonald’s arches and other 1960’s memorabilia.

I chose red and yellow for the theme of this page based on the red in the Lamy’s Diner and the McDonald’s corporate colors. I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the McDonald’s arches and the Diner. I bordered the pictures with black cardstock to help them stand out against the bold background colors. I also used black cardstock to border the wrist bracelet that we were given as part of the experience.

I created a strip of black to hold the menu on the page. I wanted to put this on the spread in a way that you could take it out and view all four pages. This is not one of the easier ways to mount something on the page so that they viewer can see it, as you would have to pull the entire page out of the plastic page protector to see it, but I felt that it would work for this spread. The strip is held in place with two brads at the top and bottom of the page.

Below is a video of me putting this page together:

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