2019: Henry Ford – Ephemera

I collected a lot of ephemera on our two-day experience at the Henry Ford complex. Not all of it could fit on the previous pages that I created of this adventure, but I wanted to make sure that they were kept in the scrapbook along with the other pages. So, I created a set of pages dedicated to this collection.

The left-hand page has a postcard that I sent to myself from the Greenfield Village vintage post office to help record the date and location of this event. I put it into a plastic pocket so that both sides of the postcard can be viewed. I attached the plastic pocket to the page using brads. I also put a ticket (bordered with black cardstock) to a movie that we saw while at the complex. At the bottom of this page is the folder that our Vintage Ford Ride photo came in. I used this folder to store various other ephemera from the trip. I attached this folder to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened, and the items can be removed to look at which can be seen in the photo below:

The right-hand page has a menu from the Eagle Tavern, the restaurant in Greenfield Village at which we ate lunch on the first day. The menu was double sided and fairly large. I cut it down to fit into the plastic page protector, and then added a side cardstock to fill the remaining part of the page. I put some photo booth pictures of us taken in the museum on the page as well.

When you flip the page over you can see what the other side looks like:

2019: Henry

This side of the page has some pictures taken during the adventure and the backside of the menu. The right-hand page contains two loose museum brochures that sit inside the plastic page protector without been attached, so that they can be removed to be opened and viewed.

Below is a YouTube video that I made while putting these pages together:

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