2019: Henry Ford – Rosa Parks Bus and Sikorsky Helicopter

This spread is a continuation of the amazing historical artifacts that are part of the collection at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation.

The left-hand page has pictures of the bus on which Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and was one of the defining movements in Civil Rights history. For this page I used a background page of road signs and made sure that a STOP sign was visible representing putting an end to governmental discrimination. I bordered the pictures in brown to help them stand out against the busy background. I found an SVG of a bus on Cricut Design Studio, and then made the cuts using the colors from the Rosa Parks bus.

The right-hand page has pictures of the Sikorsky helicopter at the museum along with a piece of paper from a paper airplane hands-on activity that is part of that exhibit. I used Cricut Design Studio to design the black helicopter blades that extend over both pages. I used the same brown paper for the borders of the photos on this page, as well as the page border. This helps tie the two disparate themes on this spread together.

Below is a YouTube video that I created while making this page. It is pretty long (48 minutes) so fast forward through the parts that you are not interested in.

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