2019: Indiana State Fair – Circus

While at the Indiana State Fair we decided to go to the onsite circus, which was a really good show. The spread that you see above is actually not completed – you can see a big open space on the right-hand page. There was a quick change couple and I took a bunch of photos of them, and to fit them all on the page I used a series of photo flip-pockets which I attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer could flip through them. This page can be seen below once I put it together in the album.

Photo Flip Pockets

For this spread I used red and grey to match the colors of the tent. I cut out the tent on the left-hand page using my Cricut machine. I used a wavy cutter to cut the waves for the borders on the right-hand page. these waves match the tent roof edging.

I placed our tickets from the event on the right-hand side which helps to place the date, time and event on the page without journaling. I bordered the pictures on the left-hand page in a thin black border which helps them to stand out against the page.

You may notice the blue bowtie on the spread – in the final product this is under the last flip-pocket and when that photo is lifted it gives a clue as to what is on the next page!

To see a recorded livestream of me creating this spread watch here:

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