2019: Indiana State Fair – Circus – Bello Nock

Yesterday’s post showed the circus at the Indiana State Fair – today’s post shows our pictures with world famous Bello the Clown – Bello Nock! Interestingly enough, one of my son’s first adventures with me was to the Ringling Brother’s circus in San Diego where we saw Bello for the first time in 2007!

I used Bello’s tuxedo for the inspiration of this spread. There is a black background with a thin red stripe on each side, and two overlapping white papers with two shiny brads to represent the tuxedo shirt, and of course – the signature red bowtie!

I outlined all of the photographs in red and cut some down to fit more on the page. The large signature photograph on the right was signed by Bello after the performance and you can see us standing with Bello and the signed photograph in a picture on the left-hand page.

This was an extremely fun spread to make, and you can watch a video of the process here:

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