2019: Metamora, Indiana – Whitewater Valley Railroad

The last spread of my day trip to Metamora, Indiana is of the short train ride that I took on the Whitewater Valley Railroad. I took the “local” which is a 2-mile and about 30-minute trip out and back following along the canal. I rode in the caboose which was cool as I was able to talk to the flagman about his experiences and learned a lot about the train and the area.

I chose a green theme for this spread as the caboose was green. The lefthand page has pictures as well as my ticket (which has the date and time of the train ride – which creates a timeline for this event in the scrapbook), as well as a pressed penny that I made at one of the local stores.

The righthand page only has the borders attached. I put a copy of the Metamora, Indiana Office Tour Guide inside the plastic page protector without attaching it so that it can be removed to be read. It is made of newspaper type of paper which tends to tear easily if attached to the cardstock. I encourage you to visit the Metamora, IN website as it is pretty cool for a small-town website – sharing all that there is to do in the area.

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