2019: Marching Band Competition

In early August 2019 Drum Corps International held the Open Class Championship Finals Competition at the university where I worked at the time. I thought that this was a great opportunity to do something that I had not done before – and I was not disappointed! I did not take a ton of pictures at the event, but I wanted to make sure that I captured this moment in the scrapbook.

I struggled for a while with the color theme for this spread. I settled on green (the color of the field) and purple and pink (to represent all of the very colorful costumes that the band members were wearing). While it clashes a bit and is pretty strong, I do think that it captures the spirit of the event.

I cut out all of the band members and the drum major using my Cricut Machine and used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the edges of the borders, which match the double matting behind the pictures and the ticket. Putting my ticket on the page helps to remind me of the name of the event, date, and time, which eliminates the need for journaling, which I don’t like to do.

If you look closely at the drum, you will see that I used some of the purple paper for it, and then used the cutout circle from the drum on the righthand bottom border. The large band member cutouts help to distinguish the tiny characters in the photographs from what you might normally expect to be on the football field. I wanted to do this, because looking at the photographs alone may have made it hard to distinguish what the event was.

To watch the creation of this spread:

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