2011: Golf ‘n Stuff and Porto’s

While in California we had a couple of other adventures which are recorded on this page.

I chose a golf theme for this page as three quarters of it is dedicated to our visit to Golf ‘n Stuff in Norwalk, California. This has been a family favorite for many decades and is featured in the movie Karate Kid. (See below for video of these scenes). On the righthand page are pictures of us mini golfing and go kart riding as well as our ticket and score card from the game – Grandpa came in first, me second, and my son third. I think that this was probably the last time that our scores came out in this order!

The lefthand page has the top of the box from our lunch at Porto’s Bakery & Cafe where we had lunch one day, and above that is a ticket to the movie Alvin which we saw in California. This page also has two pictures of a tree house that holds a world record that is on the Golf ‘n Stuff property. I placed the two pictures on top of each other, and then rounded the edges of the block – this give the impression that it is one long photo and emphasizes the height of the tree.

I finished out the spread by embellishing it with mini golf stickers from a Jolee’s sticker pack.

Karate Kid date scene at Golf ‘n Stuff:

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