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All Caught up!

Today marks a special occasion – I have blogged all of the pages that I have made. There are 816 posts on this blog – but my guess is that I have made well over 1000 spreads. The reason I have done more than are on this blog are:

  • For three years when we had exchange students, I scrapped two spreads of everything – one for them, and one for us to keep.
  • Some of my earlier pages were so bad that I decided not to share them on this blog.
  • Some of the pages were personal – like family funerals – and I did not want to post those.

Hopefully from now on I will video the creation of the pages and post them on this blog the same day that I make them. I will start working on the 2021 albums soon, and then maybe I will only be a few weeks behind having an adventure, scrapbooking it, and then posting it here!

Thanks to everyone who has watched this journey with me and lets stay inspired to have adventures and to scrapbook them for posterity.

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