Update: Scrapbook Pages from 2021

I know that it has been over 7 months since I made a post on this blog. Sorry for keeping you waiting, but I have been working on an exciting project. As you know for a couple of the last spreads, I included a link to YouTube videos of me creating those pages. I was using a webcam and Facebook Live to broadcast and record the videos. As I live in the country, I do not have superfast internet, and those recordings were not always easy to see. So, for my birthday I bought myself a good camera and lighting set up and have been creating and videoing all of my spreads from 2021 over the last few months. I have now started uploading those videos to YouTube, and when they are all loaded, I will begin the process of writing blogs about them. I am about halfway through the uploads for 2021, but I wanted to share what I have now with you in case you are interested in watching them.

The videos can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/@mascrapping

Below is the first one that I made with my new camera setup – Getting my Covid vaccine!

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