2011: Hearst Castle – Page 6 – Ephemera

This is the final page of the Hearst Castle visit, and also for 2011. his spread contains the ephemera from the trip. I chose patterned material scrapbook stock for the background – this is actually woven material which has been adhered to a flexible paper. I loved these patterns and thought that they matched the elegant patterns in the castle.

The lefthand page has a guide to the whole facility on it which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened and read. The righthand page has a 3D popup card that can be opened to show the castle and grounds in a 3D perspective – you can see it open in the photo to the right .

It also contains stickers that are replicas of some of the tile on the castle grounds.

Here again is an opportunity to watch a virtual tour of the Hearst Castle:

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