2021: Leadership Ada

Trigger Warning: The photo below contains an image that might be disturbing to some viewers.

One of the best things that I did in 2021 was participate in Leadership Ada, a program of the Ada Chamber of Commerce. Having moved to the area during Covid I had not had opportunity to meet many people or learn much about the region. This program is designed to bring new leaders in the area together to learn about the history of the city and county, as well as engage with the major industries in the area, meet local leaders, and meet new professionals from the various sectors.

One of the initial days was learning about the history of Ada through learning from elders and taking some walking and bus tours. This page contains a picture of local historians, and a pocket to hold the historical reading materials that were shared with us. One of the historical pivot points of Ada, Oklahoma, is the lynching of four men that were involved in the murder of a local sheriff. Details of this event are covered by this Ada News Article. The postcard of the lynching on the left-hand page was given to us by the historians, and I attached it to this page using a corner punched mat, so that I would not have to put adhesive tabs directly onto the back of the postcard. I created duplicate matting for the photograph as well to tie the two together.

I chose newspaper print and lined background paper to indicate the historic nature of this spread, and a jagged edge tearing tool to create the border on the left-hand side. The mesh that you see on the left-hand side is from some old crafting materials that I discovered in our collection. It has its own adhesive and stuck down directly to the page. I had several colors of it, but most of them had turned really brittle and were no longer sticky – so I am hoping that this one will remain stuck to the spread.

For the right-hand page I made a small pocket using black cardstock for the historical reading material to be placed in. This will allow the viewer to easily remove it to read if they are interested. The video below shows how I did this. I used my Cricut machine to cut out the title block on the top of the left-hand page.

As with the last couple of posts, I am now also creating videos that show me putting them together and talking about the experiences as well as the techniques that I am using. Since this video contains a sensitive photograph I set an age restriction on YouTube, so you will have to click the link to watch it on YouTube.

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