2021: Disney – Title Page

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I love Disney. And it has been a while since I have gone. As I was planning to drive to Florida for Thanksgiving 2021, I started looking for things to do. I just happened to be on the Disney website looking to see if they had any open reservations (due to Covid restrictions), and they just happened to open park entry and hotel room tickets right before I got online – so I felt lucky and booked a two-day vacation for my son and myself.

Part of what was exciting about this trip was that it was the Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration, and I had just turned 50!

There were two new park areas that we had not visited before and so the whole two-day experience was planned around going to Galaxy’s Edge, a Star Wars themed land at Hollywood Studios, and Pandora (based on the movie Avatar) at Animal Kingdom.

When I do a trip like this I always have to weigh out if the trip will have its own album or will fit into the yearly album. I always make this decision after I have completed all of the spreads so that I can count them to see if there is enough for their own album, and in this case, there was!

The first page for each album can only be one 12×12 spread and I always use it for a title page. I actually make the title page as the last part of the full project for a couple of reasons: I want to make sure that I know what the color of the album cover is going to be, I want to play off of the color and themes that have come to light as I create the rest of the album, and I want to see what I left from the project (papers and ephemera) that would be appropriate to go on the title page.

For this title page I used a blue and gold theme to fit with the main colors of the welcome materials that I received in the mail after booking the trip. I used a blue Mickey Mouse paper that was part of Disney Scrapbook pack that I have had for over 15 years! I then used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the dark blue torn edge border on the left side.

The blue logo on the left was actually cut from the envelope that came in the mail with the booking materials. I used a Creative Memories Swivel Cutter and a circle template to cut that, and the gold border around it. The Mickey Mouse sticker also came as part of those welcome materials and so that made it onto this spread as well. Remember that when putting stickers like this onto your spreads that you must get the placement correct the first time as they are impossible to reposition once they have been placed.

The date was created using Cricut Design Space and a Disney Font that I purchased on Etsy, and then cut out using my Cricut machine.

Recently I began creating videos that show me putting the pages together and talking about the experiences as well as the techniques that I am using. So please enjoy watching this page being created and assembled:

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