2022: ACSD Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

2022: ACSD Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

2022: ACSD Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

This spread shares the story of the conference that I went to in June 2022 that was the main reason for the Indiana Road Trip. It was the annual conference for the Association of Christians in Student Development, and I had helped to apply for Indiana Wesleyan University to host the conference, so I felt that it was important for me to return and show the team that I appreciated the work that they had done to get it going.

The theme of the conference was “This” and you can see the logo in the picture above. The black and white logo drove the design for this page and resulted in the black and white background, and white matting of the photographs. The left-hand page has the cover of a conference notebook, sticker, name tag, and a presenter button which I removed from the metal housing.

The right-hand page has pictures of a new firepit that had been built on campus since I had left, along with a picture of some good friends that it was fun to see again. I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut machine to draw and cut out the matting and journalling that you see in the spread. I took the lanyard from the name tag and carefully cut it to fit along the bottom of the spread, indicating the location of the conference at the institution at which I used to work.

To see more about how I put this spread together you can watch the creative process on the Mascrapping YouTube channel below:

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