2022: Visiting my old home in Indiana

2022: Visiting my old home in Indiana

2022: Visiting my old home in Indiana

After I attend the ACSD conference in my old hometown in Indiana, I stopped by my old home and with some former neighbors I dug up some of my old plants to bring back to Oklahoma. Don’t worry – I sold my house to some friends, who agreed that I could come back and do this. I planted them at my new home as soon as I got back to Oklahoma and am enjoying watching them come up in my new garden this spring.

The garden looked so beautiful, and finally looked the way that I had envisioned it when I was planting it over the previous 12 years. I was glad to see that my vision had played out. Almost all of the trees in these pictures are ones that I had planted, and all of the flower beds and the fire pit were weekend projects.

I had so many pictures that I wanted to use in this spread, so I chose to use some flip-flap photo protectors which I will attach to the outside of the page plastic protectors. This allows the viewer to open them to see additional photos, as can be seen in the picture below:

2022: Visiting my old home in Indiana - Open

Don’t worry about the white strips that you see – those peel off to reveal an adhesive which helps keep the flip-flaps attached to the page. I chose a green theme for this page to emphasize the green in the pictures and to represent the green of nature.

I designed the green matting using Cricut Design Space and then used my Cricut Machine to draw and then cut them out, as well as the trees that you can see in the bottom right-hand corner. As this spread might not easily be understood by the reader, I decided that it was important to journal what was happening in these pictures which you can see in the upper left-hand corner.

You can view the creative process for this spread on my YouTube channel below:

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