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2015: Football

2015: Football 1
It seems like I scrapbook a lot of football pages! Today’s blog features 4 spreads that I made for our exchange student, Henry for the Fall 2015 football season.  The above spread features the official team photograph and other photographs that I took myself on media day.  The school colors are blue and gold, and you will see that reflected throughout these four spreads.  I found the Golden Eagles sticker at a local print shop in the “clearance” section which was awesome.  I think that they are meant to be car window stickers, but I thought that it would work nicely on this page.  Be careful if putting a sticker like this on a page – because it will be impossible to re-position it if you don’t get it in the right spot.
2015: Football 2
This spread features pictures from games and from after the games.  The bottom right hand photograph was taken after the last game played on our home field and is kind of sad seeing Henry looking out over a field that he has played on for the last time.   The background for this page is football field lines, with end borders made of pigskin.  I carefully cut the “82” out of a page of athletic numbers to add to the border.

2015: Football 3
The above spread is from the athletic awards program.  I used blue and gold for the theme of the page.  On the left hand page the program is carefully threaded around a gold strip so that the program can be removed to be viewed by the reader.  On the right hand side I put a “O” for the letter jacket.  Henry did not earn his letter until after the swim season, but I thought that it would be nice to have hear.  On the right hand page I also created a pocket for the other documents from the season to go into so that they can be removed to view.

2015: Football 4
This last spread contains ephemera from the season.  The left hand page has all of the stickers from Henry’s football helmet.  I wrote some tips on how to preserve these that you can read HERE.  The right had page has some of my tickets from watching the game, as well as a collection of all of the programs from the games.  I did not affix these to the page, but rather just set them into the plastic protector page so that they can be removed to read.


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2015: Colts Game

2015: Colts Game
This was my second time ever at a professional football game – and the first for Levi and Henry!  Attending the Colts game was part of the birthday present for Levi and I.  I don’t like to pay a lot of money for sports tickets so our seats were really high up!

I used a blue background with white picture borders to mimic the Colt’s uniforms.  As usual I got the tickets onto the page as they help to show the date and time, so that I don’t have to write.

Something fun that happened was that I Instagramed a picture (the bottom right hand one) at the game and it ended up being used on the big screen during the game.  The picture of the screen is in the middle of the right page, and I used an arrow to show that it was the same picture!

Something else that is fun on the page is the small NFL sticker in the bottom right hand corner.  We went to the pre-game tailgate party and they were handing out rally flags.  On the bag was this “Official NFL” sticker and I carefully peeled it off of the bag and placed it on this page.  One of my favorite things about scrapbooking is figuring out how to get unique ephemera to fit on the page.

2014: Football Sophomore Year

Now that I have finished the series from our Summer 2015 Europe trip I need to go back a little bit in time and show you the spreads from the 2014-2015 year. It was a fairly uneventful year for us since I was saving up for our trip to Europe, and therefore there are not a lot of pages for me to show you from this time frame. But lets start with football!

2014: Football 1

This was my son’s sophomore year playing football and he was the kicker for the varsity team.  At the end of the season he earned his letter jacket which was cool and you will see a spread about that later.  The reason I mention that is that you noticed the big “HILL” at the lefthand side of this spread.  We ordered his name for the back of his jacket and it cam back with a white background instead of a dark blue one.  I didn’t want to waste these letters, so I used them on this first spread of the football season.  It makes the page a little bit bulky, but it looks really cool!  Also on the spread are the professional pictures taken on media day.

2014: Football 2

In this spread highlights pictures taken at the various games during the season.  I lost track of which pictures where from which games and so I picked the best ones from the collection to put in this spread.

2014: Football 3

This spread showcases newspaper articles, tickets, and other ephemera from the the football season.  The helmet at the top of the right hand page is a picture that I took of his number on the fence and cut to shape.  The “Oak Hill” was actually cut from his practice jersey which was a mess at the end of the season and I used modge podge to affix it to cardboard with I then cut and put on this page.  At the bottom of the page are two rubber Oak Hill Pride bracelets that we wore all season in support of the team.

2014: Football 4

This spread shares the Fall sports awards program, a picture from the awards ceremony, and a color copy of my son’s letter.  I used strips of cardboard to create a holder for the awards program so that it can be taken out and read.  The strips are held in place by two brads at either end.

2014: Football 5

This final spread, is one that I am fairly proud of, not because it looks terribly cool, but because of the ephemera that I was able to save on this page.  The left hand page has all of the stickers off of my sons helmet.  I used an exacto knife to carefully remove all of the stickers and then I put them on this copper/gold metallic paper.  It is important to use a metallic paper so that the sticker will stick without picking up the paper threads from a normal piece of cardstock.

The right hand side is actually part of my son’s practice jersey that I cut to make this pocket to hold the programs from all of the games.  I had to slice about 1/4 inch off of each side of the 12×12 background paper so that I could wrap the shirt around the edges.  I used normal scotch tape to affix it to the back of the cardboard and some brads to help make it a little stronger.  It slide into the plastic protector sheet very well, and allows the viewer to take out the programs to look at them.

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2013: Exchange Student Football Season

2012: Football – Exchange Student

Jonathan was very excited about playing football, and it took up a lot of time in our first three months together. I ended up creating several pages dedicated to the football season, and I have decided to showcase all of them in one post:

2012: Football - Exchange Student - 1

2012: Football – Exchange Student – 1

This first page highlights the official pictures taken on Media Day – both the individual shot of Jonathan and the team photograph.  I carefully cut his number “11” out from a page that had multiple numbers on it in athletic fabric print.  The “Oak Hill Football” ephemera is actually the graphic from their football t-shirts this year that I printed on glossy paper.  I used the same paper to create a border on the left hand side as to frame the photographs and Jonathan’s number.  To give the page a little more interest I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch to attach two brads to Jonathan’s individual picture.

2012: Football - Exchange Student - 2

2012: Football – Exchange Student – 2

This spread contains pictures from media day on the left and the top right, and a picture with Jonathan, my son, and a good friend after the first home game.  On the left hand page I staggered the photographs to the right to show the progression of the collapse of the pyramid.

2012: Football - Exchange Student - 3

2012: Football – Exchange Student – 3

This spread highlights a special game for the conference that was held at the stadium of a nearby College.  The team was very excited to play in a “real” stadium.  On the left hand page is the program for the day which I attached to the outside of the plastic protector so that the viewer could read it.  Next to the program is a photograph of the ticker that I had to purchase to go to the game.  They would not let me keep the ticket so I took this picture quickly before I turned my ticket in.  On the right hand side are pictures from the day.  Notice the placement pattern that I used that created a space in the middle of the pictures.

2012: Football - Exchange Student - 4

2012: Football – Exchange Student – 4

This spread showcases Jonathan during several different games, and the scoreboards at the end of some games.  Jonathan was a kicker for the team and played JV and had several varsity plays as well.  The right hand page has pictures of the team singing the school song at the end of the game and a post game meeting under the lights.

2012: Football Awards Banquet - Exchange Student

2012: Football Awards Banquet – Exchange Student

This spread commemorates the Athletic Awards Night and the Football Banquet and Awards Ceremony.  These were two different events that I combined into one spread.  The left hand side is the Athletic Awards night.  I affixed the program to the outside of the plastic protector so that the viewer could look at it.  The right hand side is from the Football Awards banquet.  Notice the placement of the photographs on the right hand side to make room for the round picture of the cupcake in the middle.

This spread highlights the Homecoming football game and Jonathan’s official school picture.  For the “Homecoming” title I used my Gypsy to kern the letters to blend together so that I could cut it out in one cut with my Cricut machine.

2012: Football Memorabilia - Exchange Student

2012: Football Memorabilia – Exchange Student

This last spread was fun to create.  The helmet on the left was made by the cheerleaders for the cafeteria and it was given to Jonathan at the end of the season.  At the end of the season the players were asked to take all of the stickers off of their helmets when they turned them in, so we very carefully peeled them off and then placed them on plastic sheets until I could mount them on this shiny gold paper for the scrapbook.  If you look carefully at the “11” you will notice that I had to make some repairs to it as it did not come off of the helmet with all of the colors.  I carefully cut blue card stock to match the “11” and placed behind the sticker.

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