2011: Football – Team Pictures

For the last two months I have been showing you my scrapbook pages from 2019 and 2020. I want to go back now and finish showing you Volume 3 of 2011, which will finish the process of blogging my adventures starting in 2002 and being up to date! By the time the 2011 pages have been blogged I will have over 800 scrapbook layouts that I have shared on this website! It has been a blast and I am looking forward to continuing the process and hopefully blogging closer to timeframe after this is done.

The 2011 pages are already in the scrapbook and so I took pictures of the pages inside of the plastic page protectors. This means that you will see a gap in the middle, and if some of them they will have some reflection off of the plastic page protector.

In the 7th grade my son started to play football and these are the office team pictures. The lefthand side has the team picture, and the righthand side is my son’s individual picture. I chose football field and grass papers to tie the theme together in green. I used some sharp pointed scissors to cut out his numbers to add to the page.

Over the years I made quite a few football-related pages which you can find HERE.

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