2018: IWU - First Football Game

2018: IWU – First Football Game

2018: Indiana Wesleyan University Logo

During August 2018, Indiana Wesleyan University, the institution where I worked hosted its first home football game.  I was privileged to be the lead of the sideline chain crew and so I was able to get onto the field before they opened the gates.  This double spread celebrates that day.  I originally thought that I would do a 4 page spread, and the use the “IWU” letters for the 2-page part of the panoramic fold out page protectors – however I ended up only creating an internal 2 page spread.  I really liked the way that the lettering turned out – so I decided to use it anyway as an introduction to the official pages.  I used Cricut Design Studio to create the logo, and then used my Cricut machine to cut the three colors out.  I used a 12×24 cutting mat, being very careful to align the two 12×12 papers exactly the same on each color cut so that they would line up when I put them back together.

2018: IWU - First Football Game

The second spread has the pictures from the before the game – I could not take any during the game as I was working the down marker box.  The picture on the bottom is a panoramic photo that I took from middle of the field before anyone was allowed in the stadium.  The other pictures are bordered in the gray and red colors that I used on the opening “IWU” page. I used a plain white background as the pictures were very busy in themselves and I wanted people to focus in on the pictures.

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