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2014: Football Stadium Sunset

2014: Football Sunset
At one of my son’s football games I messed up on the time and arrived extremely early.  But I was so glad that I did when I saw what the sunset was doing.  There was nobody at the field when I arrived, and so I was able to use the panoramic feature on my cell phone to capture these incredible pictures.  The main picture in the center of the spread is actually one large panoramic shot which I had printed (cost me $10!) and then I cut in half to be able to put onto this spread.  I choose fairly bold purple background for this page to complement the sunset colors, but I also felt like it helped the green of the field to stand out as well.
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Europe Vacation 2015: Rhein and Geese

Europe Vacation 2015: Rhein and Geese

To end this adventurous day, we had a light supper on the Rhein at Rheinuferpark with the Reichmann’s. It was a wonderfully peaceful way to end a day that included multiple border crossings and many steps being climbed.

While we were waiting for our food a couple and the sun was setting, a couple of swans started swimming towards us up the river.  I went down to the water’s edge and snapped a couple of these pictures and thought that they were beautiful.  The color scheme for these pages was based off of the yellow sunset in the background of these pictures.

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Canada Cruise 2010: Sunsets and Mythical Towel Creatures

Canada Cruise 2010: Sunsets and Towel Creatures

Canada Cruise 2010: Sunsets and Towel Creatures

After viewing this page you will know why I don’t use my handwriting very often – it is not a pretty sight.  I used this spread to create some space between our time in Halifax and our next port of call, St Johns.  As a shared earlier, this album is not chronological – but rather it is themed, so this spread includes pictures from several nights of beautiful sunsets on the ocean as well as pictures of the different towel creatures that greeted us each day when we returned to our room.

I picked an orange and blue theme because the sunsets and our bedspreads were orange, and blue is a wonderful compliment to orange.  To save some space on the towel creature page I used a circle cutter to cut all of the pictures which made it easier to fit 5 pictures on the page.  Also notice that I used a sliver from each page as an end border on the opposite page to help tie the two pages together.

In this example I took two very different themes and concepts and tied them together using a common color theme.  This is often a good idea when you don’t have enough material for a double spread, or too much of one thing would be hard to view.  Imagine if I had had two pages of just sunsets – it could have been fairly boring to look at.

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Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – Sunset and Sunrise

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland - Sunset, Sunrise

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – Sunset, Sunrise

While I was on the top of Mt Pilatus I got some great sunset pictures and then decided to get up early in the morning to get some sunrise pictures as well. The sunset pictures are on the left and the sunrise on the right. I used a white border that I cut to look like clouds for the pictures. I used a cloud picture for the background on both pages but felt that I needed to tone it down on the right hand side to better fit with the yellow and orange tones in those pictures. I accomplished this by using a light pink vellum sheet and placing it over the top of the cloud paper. I also outlined the white cloud border in pink so that the borders did not come over too strong. The mountains at the bottom of the page are a store bought border that was placed on top of the background page. To add depth to the page I put the mountain border over the far left picture.


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