2020: Sunsets and the Pond

We have been enjoying owning part of a pond, geese that we consider “ours”, and the beautiful Oklahoman sunsets. Many photographs have been taken my parents and myself, and I decided while I was on the theme of “Home” scrapbook spreads to have one of the amazing photos that we took during 2020.

I chose orange and blue for the theme for this spread to match the colors in the photos. I used a double matting technique for the photo blocks, with the solid mats having a thinner border, and the patterned mats have a wider border so that the patterns can be seen. both of the background papers have blue and orange in them.

The lefthand page has pictures of our house from across the pond, a picture from the dam wall showing where the beavers have built up the dam, and a picture of the sunset from across the pond.

The righthand page has a picture of the sun behind our new birdhouse, and a couple of pictures of sunsets over the pond complete with “our” gees enjoying the water.

I cut out the house using my Cricut Machine, and then used the Cricut Machine to draw and then cut out the round drawing of a sunset for the righthand page.

To see how I put this spread together enjoy the video below:

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