Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain – Castel D-or and Agua de Luna

Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain - Castel D'or and Aqua de Luna

Europe Vacation: Barcelona, Spain – Castel D’or and Aqua de Luna

This is a page that I am particularly proud of.  Our last evening in Barcelona, Spain, we went for dinner  at Castel D’or followed by flamenco dancing at Agua de Luna.  Since I had a non-digital camera I did not know that most of my pictures of the dancers were very blurred and I was disappointed that I would not have the pictures for the page.  But, rather than waste the photos I cut them and used them to create the flamenco fan in the the top right corner.  I do not throw away bad pictures as I can sometimes incorporate them into the page anyway.  Now that I have a digital camera I usually immediately delete anything that doesn’t turn out, and even if I keep it I usually don’t waste the money to print it, so I haven’t used this technique much lately.

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