Europe Vacation: Florence, Italy – Night on the Town

Europe Vacation: Florence, Italy - Night on the Town

Europe Vacation: Florence, Italy – Night on the Town

Our last night in Florence, Italy we went out to a fun restaurant, La Certosa, complete with wandering singers who sang love songs to some of the women in our group :).  Some new techniques that I used on this page were to use photo corner cuts on the borders of the photo graphs as well as to add dimension to the borders on the left side photos with a gold marker.  I also did something that I do not do very often – use the corner cut on the song sheet from the restaurant.  I usually do not modify ephemera as I am afraid I will make a mistake and ruin something that I cannot replace.  Now I usually try to collect more than one when I travel so that if I make a mistake I have a backup.

You will also notice on the right hand side of the right page a strip of paper that was cut from the paper on the left page.  I used this technique often in this album as the Creative Memory albums are about 1/2 an inch shorter in width (than the standard 12 inches) and you have to remove about this much for the pages to fit.  I like to add it as border on the opposite page to help to tie the two together.

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