Europe Vacation: Florence/Firenze, Italy

Europe Vacation: Florence/Firenze, Italy

Europe Vacation: Florence/Firenze, Italy

The stop in Florence (Firenze), Italy was fully of history and art.  We visited the Galleria Dell Academia where we were able to see Michelangelo’sDavid“, but were not allowed to take pictures.  Instead I bought a postcard to use in the scrapbook.  You will often find that this is the case, that you cannot take pictures of famous artifacts.  When this occurs I buy a postcard and then cut it, crop it, and border it and it is often difficult to tell the difference from a photograph that I have take myself. I also included the ticket into this Gallery as I thought it was a beautiful classic piece of art in itself.

We also visited Santa Croche, the church were Michelangelo, Marconi, and Galileo are buried.  Notice that some of my pictures turned out darker than others.  To counter this in the scrapbook I put the dark and light pictures opposite of each other and then also used a light background and border so that the elements of the dark pictures would stand out more.  You will also notice that I journaled a lot more on this set of pages, and that was because the pictures could not tell the full story of this experience.

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