Europe Vacation: Pisa, Italy – The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Europe Vacation: Pisa, Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa

Europe Vacation: Pisa, ItalyLeaning Tower of Pisa

The next country that we visited was Italy, and we started in Pisa.  It was 115 degrees that day!  I want to highlight a couple of techniques that I used on this page that are unique or were new to me at the time.  The left page shares two views of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The reason that I did this was that I wanted to have a closer view and one from a little further away.  I took these three pictures while walking towards the Tower.  If you look closely at the right picture on the left page you will notice a color change in the sky.  This is because I actually spliced two pictures together to create that closer view.  With today’s new digital cameras they can actually do this while you are taking the picture, or at least can do it afterwards on your computer.  But this is a technique that you can still choose to use if you didn’t quiet get the shot that you were hoping for.

On the right hand page I wanted to highlight closer views of the tower – all taken from the same spot – but at different angles.  They did not fit well next to each other so I split the bottom two pictures with a leaning laser cut of the Tower of Pisa bought at a craft store.  On both of the pages I used a black border for the pictures to highlight the white of the tower.  I also left the pictures square so as to not distract from the beauty and symmetry of the tower.

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