Disney Vacation 2008: Flight to Orlando, FL

Disney Vacation 2008: Flight to Orlando, FL

Disney Vacation 2008: Flight to Orlando, FL

I usually do not scrapbook the flight to a vacation, but this was my son’s first long distance flight and he was very nervous about it.  I knew that these pages would help him to feel better about flights that we would take in the future.  I made the date “bone” with the Cricut Disney Cartridge, and I used this cartridge multiple times within this album.

If you look carefully at the white “cloud” in the middle of the right hand page you will notice a short journal entry explaining the pages.  My aunt and mother, who are also scrapbookers, believe strongly that every page should have some journaling to explain what is on the page.  While I don’t agree that you have to journal on every page, there are many times when I think that it is important to do some writing to jog the memories, or to explain things to people who were not on the trip.  One of the reasons that I don’t like to journal very much is that my handwriting is terrible.  I have found a great solution though – print the journaling using a laser printer and scrapbook paper.  For this Disney album I was able to download a free font from 1001fonts.com that looks just like the Disney font – Waltograph Font Family and then print all of my journaling using that font. (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Install-or-uninstall-fonts – teaches you how to download and install fonts)

Disney Tip: Hidden Mickey‘s – The  Imagineers at Disney have for years hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes throughout the parks and properties.  My son and I make a game out of trying to find them.  We even have a book that helps us know where to look.  Some are very hard to find.

I enjoyed bringing the Hidden Mickey game into this scrapbook as well – there are several Hidden Mickeys on the pages that were fun for my son to try and find.  There is one on this page that I think is pretty easy to find – can you find it?  If you need some help look at the bottom left picture on the right hand page – I cut out a silhouette of Mickey Mouse using a Mickey Icon Punch seen below.  Be very careful when using a punch to cut images out of photographs – if you make a mistake the photograph is ruined.

EK Success Disney Punch – Medium Mickey Icon – $9.35

This unique patented thumb punch is simple to use and gentle on your hands. The versatile design and alignment marks on the outer edge allow upside down placement making it easy to reverse punch. A simple shape that says it all!

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