Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page

Disney Vacation 2008: Album Cover

Disney Vacation 2008: Album Cover

Today we start a new scrapbook series – commemorating our trip to Disney World in 2008.  I had adopted my son, Levi, just 3 weeks before, and this was our celebration trip.  We spent our entire Spring Break at the Disney World complex and stayed on site the entire time.  I usually try and find bargain vacations, but since this was to mark such a special occasion I decided to go all out.  We stayed in a Disney hotel and I purchased the Disney Meal Plan and we went to several special meal events using the meal plan.  For those that would like an easy and worry free vacation this is the way to go.  It will cost you more – but you don’t have to worry about much.

Throughout this series, in addition to showing you Disney Scrapbooking ideas, I will share tips for how to make the most of your Disney World vacation.  So lets start now:

Disney Tip: DiningIf you purchase the Disney Meal plan, plan your park visits and meals 6 months in advance.  Disney will let you make reservations for restaurants and themed meals six months out and the reservations go quickly.  You can use your exchange meals to pay for these special events.  Some of them take two exchange meals, and on those days we ate breakfast bars that we had brought from home, so that we could enjoy a special lunch or supper.  If you wait until you are at the park you won’t be able to get into any of the special meal events.

I took so many pictures on this trip that I ended up filling two albums for this trip!  I was fortunate enough to find two of the same albums at a scrapbook store – you can see a picture of the cover above.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any more of these albums since I purchased them.

Below are three pictures of the Title page of Volume 1.  I wanted to show that sometimes you can integrate the inside cover of the album right into the spread.  I made sure that the background paper matched the color of the inside of the album and used a Disney World laser cut that I bought on Ebay.  Notice the brown envelope that I attached to the album cover – I will explain more about that after the pictures:

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page

I purchased the Cricut Disney Cartridge to cut most of the letters in these two albums. This cartridge also cut the Mickey Mouse silhouette.

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page - Disney Maps

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page – Disney Maps

Disney Tip: Free Maps The envelope that I glued to the inside album cover is actually a free set of very classy maps that you can order from Disney before your trip.  I never take them on the trip because I don’t want for them to get destroyed.  I ordered and received these ahead of time and actually gave them to my son at Christmas time as a gift as my way of revealing to him that we were going to go.  You can order your own maps at http://customizedmaps.disney.go.com/.  (NOTE:  Disney no longer has this service)

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page - Disney Maps - Open

Disney Vacation 2008: Title Page – Disney Maps – Open

This is what one of the maps looks like open.  They are printed on high quality paper and they look amazing.  I wanted to make sure that these made it into the scrapbook, and what better way to do that than to put it right on the front cover.

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